Airlines to Test Alternative Fuel

Air travel is onmediume of the largest contributors to environmental pollution of greenhouse gases.The normal jet fuel used for airplanes contains nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, and carbon dioxide. These three are a combination of various pollutants which creates the greenhouse effect that harms our atmosphere.

The airline industry knows that it is a huge contributing factor to pollution, especially with climate change. It is working towards way to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. One way to do this is by using alternative fuels such as biofuels made from vegetable oil, corn, and even household garbages. They are investigating in which ways to do this and have already started working on it. However, manufacturers have not been able to produce the necessary quantities for widespread use.

Airlines like Virgin and JetBlue are one of the first airlines to already begin using eco-friendly fuels, but there is a limit to how much of this fuel they can get. For example JetBlue put in an order of 330 million gallons of renewable fuel, however only 100 million gallons are produced annually. So the need of fuel in the aviation industry numbers in billions of gallons, which the renewable fuel is not able to do.



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